The Waccabuc Country Club was established on September 18, 1912.  The clubhouse was originally a private home that, in 1912, was converted into the Lake Waccabuc Inn, a country resort/retreat.  One of the first things the new owners did was a nine hole golf course.  The annual dues were fixed at $20 for individual members and $25 for family memberships.

John S. "Jock" Gullen was engaged as the club professional, a position he held for forty years until his death in 1952.  In 1923, it was proposed that the golf course be extended to eighteen holes. George Gullen, John's brother was brought from Scotland to supervise the construction of the back nine.  George remained golf course superintendent until his retirement in 1955.  It was also proposed in 1923 that Lake Waccabuc Inn be taken over and operated as a facility exclusively for the club members.  The takeover officially took place in 1927 and included the leasing of approximately 200 acres of land including the boathouse on Lake Waccabuc and its surrounding property.  The Club facilities were officiall purchased by the members in 1960 for $200,000.  Henry Wallace, former Vice President of the United States, was among the original purchasers of the club.

In 1913, the first lawn tennis committee was established and two tennis courts were constructed.  Two more were added in 1951 and 1958 respectively for a total of six. The first tennis shop was constructed in 1957 and a new one is currently in the planning stages.

Paddle tennis came to Waccabuc in 1964 when two wooden courts were installed. Two more aluminum courts were added in 1973. With the completion of the renovation of the Carriage House in 2003, the paddle facilities are among the finest anywhere.

The first aquatic committee was formed in 1926 and authorized the purchase of a float and six boats.  A club day camp was stated in 1937 and still operates today.  The additon of the large deck and snack bar in 1970 made the waterfront a truly popular place for all members of the club.  Boasting a spectacular view of Lake Waccabuc, the waterfront is the place to be on summer weekend evenings.

Source: Waccabuc Country Club Seventy Years of History 1912-1982